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Ted Hosmer Lawn and Landscape is a full service Landscape Maintenance company equipped to do all your landscaping needs. Below you will find a list and description of our services.


Ted Hosmer Lawn Maintenance is a neat and professional team of lawn care professionals. Hosmer is capable of serving all size properties from 5,000 square feet to 300 acres. We offer weekly mowing, edging and line trimming, brush hogging, and clean up services.

Lawn Care

Homer Lawn and Landscape offers four Lawn care services to make your lawn look lush and green all season long. Prior to any service recommendations we like to come out to give you a FREE lawn evaluation and consultation.

What does that entail?

  • Evaluation of your lawn’s health
  • Classification of grass type in your lawn
  • Identification of weeds, insects, and diseases affecting you lawn
  • Examination of your mowing and water techniques
  • Personalized recommendations to achieve and maintain the healthiest possible lawn
  • Personal detailed report with a quote

Our Lawn Care programs include:

  • Hosmer “LUSH LAWN” fertilization programs We offer a 4-step and 6-step program.
  • Cleanup & Bed Maintenance We have several skilled staff members to help you with your clean up and maintenance needs. We offer three specific services, Spring Clean Up, Fall Clean up, and Full Service Bed Maintenance.
  • Spring Clean Up Spring Clean Up consists of cleaning up your yard from winter debris, as well as trimming and cleaning out of your existing garden beds.
  • Fall Clean Up Fall Clean Up consists of leave removal from your yard and gardens, as well as garden bed trimming and clean out if desired.
  • Full Service Bed Maintenance Full Service Bed Maintenance consists of weekly or bi-weekly maintenance of your garden bed. We do a complete service of weeding (either physically or chemically), debris/garbage removal, and plant trimming (not the same as our pruning services). This service is usually best suited for our Commercial clientele as well as those homeowners conscious of their curb appeal.
  • Other Services:
    • Tree Pruning
    • Shrub Pruning
    • Bed Mulching

Landscaping Design

Designs just for you! Our expert team of Landscape Designers will transform any project in a special, intimate setting for you and your family. With Over 25 years in creating spectacular landscapes, we truly believe in doing what it takes to make the customer happy. We are well versed in the use of plant material, patio, and wall Stone, water features, and have the skill to transform any house into a home, bringing years of worry-free value to your project.


Ted Hosmer Lawn and Landscape works with extremely talented craftsman and designers to bring your dreams to life. We do walls, patios, and walkways.